Luxury cannabis oil pen

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Earth to Earth vape pens are made from fair trade sourced materials and feature 100% environmentally friendly components.

CRYSTAL: The crystal pen comes in two forms, the danburite crystal which is used to reduce anxiety and stress and the lepidolite crystal, which promotes a sense of calm and tranquility due to its abundant lithium mineral content. The pen is made with surgical grade 316 stainless steel and features a refillable tank with either crystal inside.

METAL: Our hexi metal pen is made from 316 stainless steel and is always cool to the touch. It features rich, sculpted textured bases presented in four colors, brass, rose gold, matte black and stainless polished steel.

 EARTH: Made from organic bamboo or organic brazilian walnut, the earth pen is a flat pod based pen for discrete easy access. The pen takes our own refillable glass tank with ceramic wick or your preference. With a charge that lasts over 100 puffs, the earth pen is also small enough to keep anywhere.

Luxury in simplicity, Our Earth provides it.